Jesper Thorn

Jesper Thorn is a Copenhagen-based composer, double bass player and cellist. He grew up in Dragør, on the outskirts of Copenhagen, in a not very musical home. No piano, and a very small record collection.

So you could say that playing music was not in the cards for Jesper, who for years was mostly buried in books, straight A's and a room full of pet gekkos.

But by a string of coincidences, including a snowstorm and a calendar mix-up, he found his way to the bass guitar just before starting highschool, and was immediately drawn to the instrument, and the music took over from there.

A similar coincidence led Jesper to the double bass while attending a pre-conservatory music-school south of Copenhagen following high-school. A friend gave him a dozen records to listen to, and among those where a record with swedish Lars Jansson Trio. That was his first introduction to the world of jazz, and after listening to that particular record Jesper went out and bought a double bass, and never looked back.


//Fast-forwarding 8 years...//


He graduated with a master degree in music performance from the prestigious Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen (2011) including studies in New York with Ralph Alessi, Marc Helias, John Hébert, Ben Monder and Eric McPherson.

While attending RMC he studied with a.o. Anders Jormin, Arild Andersen, Jesper Bodilsen and Klavs Hovman.

He has worked as a sideman and artistic collaborator with people such as August Rosenbaum, Palle Mikkelborg, Thomas Agergaard, Lars Jansson (coming full circle), Jacob Karlzon, Jacob Christoffersen, Alex Riel, Nikolaj Hess, author, filmmaker and danish icon Jørgen Leth and the great danish poet Søren Ulrik Thomsen.

He has recieved grants from Jacob Gade Fonden (2009), DJBFA (2013, 2014, 2015), Danish Musicians Association (2009, 2015), Wilhelm Hansen Fonden (2009), and won the price for best soloist at Getxo International Jazzfestival (2009).


//The album...//


‘Big Bodies of Water’ is his first record in his own name, and marks a new development in Jesper's artistic path.

After many years as mainly a sideman and collaborator in a vast number of different bands and projects, Jesper felt the need to do and be something on his own.

The idea of a project mixing minimalistic, impressionistic and spacious acoustic music with electronic elements took form, and together with long time friends and collaborators Tobias Wiklund (Flügelhorn), Marc Méan (Piano) and Mads Emil Nielsen (electronics) he recorded the album `Big Bodies of Water’.

The album is released by Moveable Records and is available on vinyl and digital download on May 17th 2016.

//He is currently active in the following bands...://


Jesper Thorn’s Big Bodies of Water (feat. Tobias Wiklund, Marc Méan and Mads Emil Nielsen)


Reverse (piano trio led by drummer Terkel Nørgaard)


Bob Rockwell New Trio (sax, bass and drum trio led by american sax-legend Bob Rockwell)


The Piazzolla Orchestra (with some of the finest classical musicians in Denmark a.o accordionist Bjarke Mogensen)


Cathrine Legardh sings Monica Z (together with Jacob Christoffersen and Jakob Dinesen)

Nou Nouvel (Art/pop/noise duo with Mette Damm)