Lucas Nygaard

After several trips to various locations armed with lighter fluid, caution tape, bottles of different colored ink, ash trays & telescopes etc., we finally have a finished music video to show you for the latest Monk Batucada single, “Be Careful Not To Love Me”. Couldn’t be more happy with the work the team put into this, especially my brother at Inflewants Productions. For your viewing pleasure:

One of the things I feel constantly blessed about is all the talented people I have surrounding me these days. I used to be a guy making beats alone in a bedroom and now every project I do seems to have a credits list of a dozen plus folks on it. This one even more than usual! Here we go -

Directed by Inflewants Productions / Filmed by Tyler Armstrong & Dominic Sanders / Starring Dora Velazquez & Rob Scheffler

Vocals - Julie Christiansen / Sax - Magnus Wiinblad / Harmonica - Victor Bøsling / Guitar - Nicolai Nybro Hansen / Guitar - Jurgen Jurgensen / Bass - Jonathan Melding / Keyboards - Gasoline Monk / Drums - Lucas Nygaard

Produced by Gasoline Monk / Composed by Gasoline Monk & Julie Christiansen / Mixed by Mikkel Larsen / Mastered by Andreas Waze / Engineered by Boe Larsen & Gasoline Monk / Recorded at MillFactory NuVenue & Gas Monk’s Crib