Lasse Jacobsen

Thomas Fryland - trumpet (DK)

Axel Johansson - tenor sax (SE)

Magnus Hjorth - piano (SE)

Jesper Bodilsen - double bass (DK)

Lasse Jacobsen - drums & compositions (DK)


Drawing inspiration from modern minimalism and with the roots firmly planted in the Nordic jazz tradition, the band takes the listener on a journey to a world of cinematic evocative compositions. The music is lyrical and melodic and exists in the borderlands between composition and improvisation. Between the simple and the complex. With profound interplay and a strongly image-creating character, the foundation is laid for a musical experience of the highest caliber.


Lasse Jacobsen is a young and in demand drummer and composer on the danish music scene

Lasse grew up in a shared house on the countryside, outside of Roskilde (DK). As a kid he was exposed to a lot of different styles of music and started playing drums at the age of 9. He was quickly recognised for his musical talents and followed a study for especially talented kids at the local music school. After graduating from High school in 2015, Lasse was accepted at Fridhems foklhögskole in Sweden, where he stayed for two years. The school is highly recognised in Scandinavia, known for its eminent musical level. The same year Lasse released the debut album of his nordic piano trio “North” entitled “Yonder” which was well received both by the audience and the reviewers. In november 2016 Lasse received a scholarship from Køge Foundation of Culture, in recognition of his efforts to achieve his musical goals. In 2017 Lasse got accepted at Conservatory van Amsterdam and moved to Holland where he stayed for six months, before going back to Copenhagen to spend more time on his own musical projects. Upon his return in Denmark, Lasse is now finishing the last preparations for the release of his debut album “A Painted Beginning” 

Lasse has played at several big festivals and venues, including: Roskilde Festival, Spot Festival, SmukFest and Jazzhus Montmartre, and has performed with recognised artists including: Thomas Fryland, Jesper Bodilsen, Magnus Hjorth, Søren Møller and Niels Vincentz